Our Solution
A simple application to receive alerts from connected objects. The information you need, when you need it.
Get focused on your real job.

It acts as a hub that gathers all the alerts user chose on a single page.

He can add and suppress the chosen alerts at any moment.
These alerts can point out to a lot of different information: lack of consumable, hardware disorder or customer disappointment.

An alert is built from a data associated with a threshold such as a maximum temperature, lack of a product, presence of an object…Once the threshold is reached, any user who has set the alert receives a notification.

One can inform the other connected people who have set the same alert that he will care about the corrective action.

Our job goes further than delivering a raw data from a sensor. Alerts are built in order to meet what matters to you. Thus, they can be built out from several combined data.

After having completed hundreds of projects as solution makers, we both decided time had come to focus on potential users of connected objects.

We are strongly convinced that existing solutions have not been designed to be democratic and give the expected value to users.

Ⓒ 2018 Superwyze